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Autumn 2002

soundfiles We talked to Living on Earth about our trip in Pedaling Lewis & Clark.

Summer 2002

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Read the past summer's conversation as this radio/web project proceeded on upriver, over mountains and into the ocean at a public radio showcase and workshop. (Alternately, you can download it in its entirety [ 0.3mb PDF ].)

Summer 2001

en route... more air! ...and hope that I can go back to the difficult pleasure of biking for four to eight hours a day...I realise now that my desire to get back quickly was predicated on entirely spurious reasoning: I thought I had something to come back to. and that, sad to say, just didn't turn out to be the case. dammit, compared to almost all of the rest of the summer, even the worst days of riding in june were a sheer delight. and I bloody well want that back. the days had a phenomenal simplicity and complexity. but, it was always motion, always seeing the west touch us, just as we touched it... responsive travel -- none of this "leave no trace" bullshit. the land affected us and we were witness to its effects. and that, my friend, was amazing.
    email to barrett, 06 october 2001

Bozeman, MT05.30.01--Show Prep
Bozeman, MT06.01.01--Toe-lines
St. Charles, MO06.04.01We've ArrivedCathryn Linneman Library
Marthaville, MO06.05.01Historic/Mythic Figures--
Blufton, MO06.06.01Character Scrutiny--
Columbia, MO06.07.01In The WaterU of MO: Ellis Library
Rocheport, MO06.08.01Short or Long?--
Rocheport, MO06.09.01River Festival DayRules for Field Recordists
Rocheport, MO06.09.01Whiskey Management--
Arrow Rock, MO06.10.01Bonesaws & Whiskey--
Lexington, MO06.11.01Damn These Shoulders!--
Lexington, MO06.11.01Roadkill Petting Zoo--
Ft. Leavenworth, KS06.12.01Too Tired--
Atchison, KS06.13.01Always Be Prepared--
Big Lake MO06.14.01Reading TimeWaiting...
Nebraska City, NE06.15.01The Marina--
Omaha, NE06.16.01College Baseball World Series--
Omaha, NE06.17.01--More Rules
Blair, NE06.18.01Shelter--
Onawa, IA06.19.01Heavy Weather--
Vermillion, SD06.20.01Home StateDakota Kids
Gavin's Point Damn, SD06.21.01DiversityPrecision vs. Accuracy
Ft. Randall, SD06.22.01Greenwood's Abandoned?--
Chamberlain, SD06.23.01One Hundred Miles--
Ft. Thompson, SD06.24.01Short Day--
Pierre, SD06.25.01The ProvincesTFH
McLaughlin, SD06.26.01CheatingAbandoned
McLaughlin, SD06.27.01"Native" RelationshipsBirthday Boys
McLaughlin, SD06.28.01Thirty-Four Today
Bismarck, ND06.30.01Journey's End--
Bozeman, MT07.02.01OdometericsBack in Bozone
Bozeman, MT07.08.01--Catching Up
Bozeman, MT07.09.01--River Out West Horse Heat Moon
Bozeman, MT07.09.01--Faces
Bozeman, MT07.16.01--Black Powder
Bozeman, MT07.16.01--Seldom Heard
Bozeman, MT07.26.01--Sonido Y Luz Discussion

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