The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

Notice the wind and rain.
L & C Festival

06/19/2001: Onawa, IA
Lat: 42°2.864'N
Long: 96°9.744'W
Elev: 1049.9ft
49.10 mi.   11.4 mph   4.19.02 hr.


Heavy Weather
Lewis & clark campground, near a seemingly man-made lake...

The day began in rain -- and last night's storm brought a tornado ten miles north of us to a small town called herman, ne, just a bit shy of where we had intended to camp.

The weather has been, if anything, a constant concern on this trip: how hot is it? How hot will it be? Will it rain? Will it lightning? Is that a head wind or a tail wind?

It is the one aspect of the environment that cannot be manipulated, only considered and cautioned against.

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