The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

Barrett Hits Da Road - 09:17pm Jun 4, 2001 EST

St Charles Mo - Cathryn Linneman Library

a couple days in a rental car and we're here in MO. shed the metal at the airport return lot, slapped our bags on our bikes and headed into airport-traffic-hell. w/ 3 maps, 1 compass and jo's orienteering we found the only bridge that allows bikes across the big muddy. now in St Charles awaiting tomorrow's first full day of pedal power.

st charles is rich in history and museums and no doubt inundated with local lore. Lewis and Clark Trail history buffs probably fills its quaint brick streets.

but we'll never know, because we're outta here early headin west, ready for the trail. let's hope the spirit of solid journalism catches up with us by the next quaint brick town.

sorry andy, could not face the beast of a big city, so we fled the opposite direction of st lou.

brodie, jon: hey. btw, to understand jon's "syringe" ref above listen to the show.

realized that every state we'll pass thru is named after a native tribe: missouri, nebraska, kansas, iowa, n/s dakota and i think every one of those eponymous tribes no longer exist. i'll have to check that out tho. if true would make a fine piece of script. which reminds me of what david quammen told me about precision vs. accuracy in writing.
but, alas, that too must await a later post.

jonathan: i don't write my script on paper, just in my head. i edit more as i read/record it. then more as i listen back, i change the script more and re-read. then when thru, in production, i usually cut out more unneeded phrases, like you would an intervieewee. it's kinda weird to edit your own voice, but seems like i always need it.

did the page-turning while reading. gave the read a bit of rhythm. glad it came out casual. cuz i can sometime slip into Announcer Mode
and it all sux, and communicates nada.

see ya down the trail...

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