The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

beedge - 10:09am Jun 21, 2001 EST
Barrett Golding

The Dakota Kids

pulled into Blair NE a coupla nights ago at 6:30p. we we're gonna push on to Herman, except everyone kept telling us about severe thunderstorm warnings. it's one thing heading into grey skies, and another into black w/ electric white streaks. camped in Blair city park. the next morn, a woman was talking about roofs ripped off buildings and landing on her camper, and downtown a mess. i asked what town. "Herman." it got tornado-ed.

made 80+ miles yesterday, from Onawa NE to Vermillion SD; even got 3 good intervus along the way.

will answer Jo's above question re:
> finding that face in the crowd
when i've had some chance to think about it.

SoDak is Jo's home state. by his birthday (June 28) we hope to make it to the Standing Rock Rez and celebrate with his family.

15 hours of recordings so far, and still 2 states to go. 'spose that's better than not having enuf tape. way more recording opportunities here on L&C's Missouri than I expected. last night went to the Spirit Mound, a Soiux sacred site soon-to-be a State Park. then down to the Missouri to talk to a River Rat, who grew up here, and has boated the entire river several times. Will Least-Heat-Moon hired him as guide when writing River-Horse. the guy is also Prof Emeritus of Biz Law at U of SD (as the sage said: "go figure.")

got some time before setting out from Vermillion, a University town, to enjoy decent coffee, women in summer-ware, and a speedy internet connection (what else does a person need?). so i'll think i'll relate the DQ "precision vs. accuracy" theory i mentioned above...

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