The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

beedge - 12:38am Jul 26, 2001 EST
Barrett Golding

sonido y luz

speaker icon Frog Symphony MP3 (0:55 / 860K)

as andy mentions the web vers of the SavTrav phone messages cut off. here they are in their full RealAudio glory:
speaker icon River Risin' (2:15)
speaker icon A Military Expedition (2:37)

and here's the links to the shows as they ran on SavvyTraveler:
Part1 Prep show
Part2 Phone messages

we're working on building the site and the shows. for our own reference, we've posted a set of pics. (the link is only good for a month or so, cuz when the site goes up, these pages come down.)

and Jon: the HomeOnRange guitarist played his Takamine, which he'd had a couple forevers. recorded in stereo (lo-range m-s) w/ Shure VP-88.

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