The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

Campground host Farrell Atkins at Arrow Rock State Park.
Farrell Atkins, Arrow Rock Campground

06/10/2001: Arrow Rock, MO
Lat: 39°3.827'N
Long: 92°56.496'W
Elev: 721.8ft
36.75 mi.   11.0 mph   3.21.34 hr.


Bonesaws & Whiskey
...The title of a talk in lexington, mo, at the site of a civil war re-enactment...

At least I hope so.

Planning routes this eve, trying to find some way, like a tesseract, that brings us magically closer to omaha...

A relatively short day of riding, but strenuous. The next week will be long, hot days bringing us closer to the upper missouri -- that stretch above souix city, ia, where the river bottom retains something akin to its earlier width and speed, prior to the manipulations and contortions which constrained it to make it more ammenible to barge traffic.

Light fading and mosquitoes attacking -- enough for the time being...

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