The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

Barrett Golding - 02:11pm Jun 14, 2001 EST

Troy KA Library; waitin out a thunderstorm

kelly: dog was a newfoundland. name of "scannon"; tho lately those reading journals see instead the dog's name writ as "seaman." much controversy ensues among L&C buffs.

sarah: welcome to transom. i'll miss most of your special guesting, but i know you'll do a bang-up job. why don't you tell us about your dad's efforts to build a Lewis&Clark air rifle. you know all about it, doncha? if not, call home more often.

and jon, thanks for all that wonderful 1st Nation research. if time permits, write us a short blurb about the part of Grasslands that talks about the former and current meat-holding capacity of the prairie, cuz we're about to entire that ecosys.

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