The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

Barrett reading at the Blufton campground.
Blufton Campground

06/06/2001: Bluffton, MO
Lat: 38°42.394'N
Long: 91°37.245'W
Elev: 547.9ft
41.00 mi.   10.6 mph   3.50.42 hr.


Character Scrutiny
Set up the tent for the first time tonight; the day meandered -- but, as we've discovered, we have more than enough time to make it to rochefort, mo, by friday...

I've been watching people nearly as much as my surroundings -- perhaps in a vain attempt to discern this area's character. The place reminds me of bowling green in some ways, at least its physical characteristics do: lush and humid. But the people are not overly prone to stereotypes, good or bad.

That this surprises me (or was my expectation) says far more about my scepticism than anything else. Not a reassuring thought, certainly.

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