The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

A Keelboat Replica, similar to this, was moored at the campground.
L & C Keelboat Replica

06/14/2001: Big Lake, MO
Lat: 40°4.962'N
Long: 95°20.559'W
Elev: 915.4ft
60.59 mi.   12.3 mph   4.54.13 hr.


Reading Time
Light is fading fast here at the campground and the mosquitoes are coming out in force...

Began the day in kansas, passed through the corner of nebraska and ended up here in missouri again.

Found a coffee shop back in atchison run by a couple who both grew up and went to school in montana -- he in butte, she in bozo...

Stalled in troy, ks, for a good while during a rainstorm -- whiled away the afternoon protected by a gazebo in front of the county courthouse reading, interspersed with jaunts to the public library to sign up for 'net time on one of their two computers...

Good riding, though -- cool and cloudy without being humid and stifling...

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