The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

beedge - 08:24am Jul 2, 2001 EST
Barrett Golding

Back in Bozone

My knowledge of our Western Territory is equal or superior to that of any man in the country… The Information I have has been dearly purchased. The cost has been the endurance of extremes of heat and cold hunger and thirst frequent hazard of my life and on more than one occasion the massacre of nearly all the companions of my travels.
--Jedidiah Smith, 2nd March 1831 letter to the Secretary of War applying for a position in an “exploring party to the Rocky Mountains”

hmmm. kinda makes our 60 miles uphill into headwinds sound like a piece-o-pie.

we're home. give me a few days to process pics and edit intervus and i'll get something up here to see/hear.

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