The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

Entering South Dakota.
Coming home

06/20/2001: Vermillion, SD
Lat: 42°47.355'N
Long: 96°55.811'W
Elev: 1190.9ft
83.02 mi.   12.3 mph   6.42.14 hr.


Home State
Cool weather and flat roads -- a boon for making eighty miles in spite of circuitous routs around/through the camprground, and later, sioux city as well.

Don't know if I've been in this town since '86 or '87 and it seems little changed over the years: a town that exists in uneasy, but necessary, symbiosis with the university.

However, we *are* in south dakota, my home state, and a place I'd have never looked forward to getting to before...

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