The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

beedge - 11:46am May 30, 2001 EST
Barrett Golding

the first show runs on Savvy Traveler this weekend,
possibly on a public radio station near you (check Station listings).

the show (w/o host) is posted:
speaker icon Preface & Preparation (6:00) [ MP3 (5.6M) | Real (56K)]

the show is an intro to the Trail, the preparations for the trip:
by Jo and i, and by Lewis and Clark.
(really the show was a way for SavTrav & i and to get to know each other
before we committed to the longer upcoming shows.)

i've always thought the glory of the L&C expedition was
not that that they were first (Indians had walked those trails for millennia),
or that it was a young nation reaching out, or any other
political, economic, scientific, diplomatic or military reason.
for me, all L&C did was take a long, hard walk in the woods.

i'm quite fond of the Big Blue Room myself.
my favorite mode of transport for these kind of distances (1000+mi) is bike.
SavTrav liked to idea, especially in light of upcoming L&C bicentennial (2003-6).
so, this friday june1 2001, we're off for St Louis w/ bikes and mics
to follow the Missouri River upstream.

``My eyes are open; I am alert to sign." --Charles Bowden

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