The Great Pains & Accuracy Tour

Harlan map James Harlan - Two Missouris (1800/2000) Columbia MO

A geographer is mapping the Missouri Territory of two centuries ago, with an 1815 Land Office survey and Clark's field-notes.

Opera logo Show-Me Opera - Explorers Express Emotions Columbia MO

The Expedition breaks into song, in Corps of Discovery: An Opera in Three Acts: "Let Us Go Forth," "Shannon's Aria," "Write It Down." World premiere April 2003.

Clark's journal with manitou drawing James Denny - Lost Edens Rocheport MO

The pictografs on a cliff were a landmark of the Lower Missouri, until the railroad blew 'em up. A historian (and mayor of Lupus MO) tours through the tunnel of the ex-Manitous.

Replica boat Discovery Expedition of St. Charles - Repeating History Rocheport MO

Living History motors up the Big Muddy on the trail of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Gore, guns, and the Secret Service surround the campfire.

Katy Trail The Katy Trail - Rails to Trails St. Charles MO

The abandoned MKT Railroad bed is now the longest rails-to-trails project in the world -- 225 miles from St. Charles to Clinton. For 165 of those mile the Katy Trail is also the Lewis & Clark Trail.

"Your observations are to be taken with great pains & accuracy, to be entered distinctly & intelligibly for others as well as yourself"
–Jefferson's letter to Lewis, June 20 1803

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