POETRY is a discourse
and we its discouragees.

Radio Special For Poetry Month
Hosted by Andrei Codrescu (NPR, The Exquisite Corpse)

If it's a worldwide depression, everyone is depressed.
Ah, but try to run a gypsy through the ruins of time.

soundfiles Wordshakers 1 (23:00 real) featuring:

Lord Alfred Tennyson bangs the podium in "The Charge of the Light Brigade." Thomas Edison waxes Walt Whitman's "America." Cheerleaders Chant" a found-poem. Host Andrei Codrescu decontructs his "Poetry." Denise Levertov knows "The Secret." Carl Sandburg wonders "What is Poetry?" (produced by Barrett Golding). Scott Carrier presents the categorical conundrum of "Alex Caldiero- Poet?" And Ed Sanders poses "A Question of Fame."

My publisher says "At some people's readings
the crowd goes out and buys their books.
At yours they run out and steal them."

soundfiles Wordshakers 2 (29:00 real) featuring:

Host Codrescu gives a play-by-play of "Poetic Terrorism." DJ Spooky remixes Vladimir Maiakovski. Pre-teen poet Sawyer Shetfs lists "The Sound I Hear at Night." In New Orleans a hot-dog vendor, a barkeep, and a stripper get churned in the "Poetry Combine (produced by Larry Massett). "Soldiers Drill" their found-poem. Jan Kerouac responds to her father's poetry and parenting in "Jan on Jack" (produced by Marjorie Van Halteren). Allen Ginsberg runs a "Personals Ad." Marianne Faithful performs Gregory Corso's "Getting to the Poem." Another poem is found in "Double Dutch Rhymes." Alex Caldiero concludes "Poetry is Wanted Here." And a Phoebe Snow fan helps sing "Poetry Man."

Why would they want to steal
the blackness of my dog,
the mouth of my tomb?


Andrei Codrescu assembles The Exquisite Corpse (a Journal of Life and Letters), and is an NPR commentator. "Poetic Terrorism" is from his book New Orleans, Mon Amour : Twenty Years of Writings from the Cityamazon. Larry and Andrei's radio collaborations are at Medium is the Massett.

Tennyson, Whitman and Levertov are from the book/CD set Poetry Speaksamazon. Ginsberg, Shifts and the found-poems are off The United States Of Poetryamazon CD, part of the USOP project.

"Poetry is Wanted Here," "Jan on Jack," "Alex Caldiero- Poet?" and "What is Poetry?" are all at the Public Radio Exchange, which has more work by producers Halteron, Golding, and Carrier (also check our All Things Carrier).

Ed Sanders' "A Question of Fame" is from his CD Thirsting for Peaceamazon. Marianne Faithfull is on Gregory Corso's Die on Meamazon. And the Phoebe Snow Fan was found on a reel-to-reel tape in a Brooklyn junk shop; it comes to us from The Professor of WFMU's Audio Kitchen.

Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky, mix of poet Vladimir Maiakovski ("Une Aventure Extraordinarie Arrivee" from the Sub Rosa archives) with the music of Yoshio Machida ("Afterimage" from Hypernatural #2). It's part of his book/CD Rhythm Scienceamazon.

The background image on this page is from the Walt Whitman Notebooks, an online exhibit at the Library of Congeres: American Memory collection.

His body full of morphine
expires on the cold floor of the jail.
His cells are migrating.

This special was mixed by Robin Wise of Sound Imagery. Executive Producer is Barrett Golding. (((Hearing Voices))) specials are crafted from new and classic radio shows. Funders include the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Endowment for the Arts.

Adieu dumb dog.
Adieu obnoxious individuality.
--January 3 1976, Andrei Codrescu

Audio © the producers & Hearing Voices