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A weekly half-hour transmitting all human knowledge on a single subject via a series of rhythmic radio bursts.

Produced by KGLT and The Wandering Jew. Funding from PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, a nonprofit service for distribution, peer review, and licensing of radio pieces.

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October 2006: Artist Audio Album
PRX logoScaryGhouls, Ghosts, Gore and Graves
MP3J (w/ Gene Moss) I Want to Bite Your Hand 2:50
ZBS The Bleeding Man The Cabinet of Dr. Fritz
Shel Silverstein Monsters I've Met 0:33 Amazon logoThe Best Of Shel Silverstein
Lon Chaney Jr./Ronald Stein Song From Spider Baby 2:16 Amazon logoNot of This Earth! Film Music of Ronald Stein
David Greenberger And The Shaking Ray Levis PRX logoBlood On The Pulpit 3:06 Amazon logoMayor Of The Tennessee River
Alfred Hitchcock Hitchcock 1 2:31 Ghost Stories For Young People
Ginna Allison La Llorona Tellus #11 - The Sound of Radio
Marianne Faithfull Alone 1:37 Amazon logoClosed On Account Of Rabies - Poems And Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe
David Greenberger & Terry Adams PRX logoVampire 1:57 PRX logoThe Duplex Planet
PRX logoNativeIt's a Good Day to Be Indigenous
John Trudell Opening 0:57 Amazon logoUnited States Of Poetry
Henry Real Bird Driftwood Feelin' 1:39 Amazon logoThe United States Of Poetry
Ulali All My Relations 3:31 Amazon logoHonor: Benefit for Honor the Earth
Jesse Boggs Tribal Journey 11:21 Hearing Voices
Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble Twisted Hair 3:23 Amazon logoMusic For The Native Americans
Joy Harjo Anchorage 4:33 Amazon logoShe Had She Some Horses
Harvey Arden (Leonard Peltier) Prayer In The East-Sun Dance 3:29 Amazon logoMy Life Is My Sun Dance
PRX logoSexEros for the Ears
Martinibomb The Love God 4:54 Porn Music For The Masses
Lynda Barry Naked Ladies 8:57 Amazon logoThe Lynda Barry Experience
Poe / Mark Z Danielewski Hey Pretty (Drive - By 2001) 3:46 Amazon logoHaunted
Coldcut I'm Wild About That Thing 5:19 Amazon logoLet Us Play
Joe Frank Annalee's (Jeffries) Story 4:23 The End
The Android Sisters Sss-X Minus One 4:19 Amazon logoGreatest Hits
September 2006: Artist Audio Album
PRX logoEngineFrom Drag Strips to Harley Davidsons
Paul Overton PRX logoInternal Combustion 1:27 PRX logoPRX Pieces
Jim Kehoe / Racket Ship Flamin' Betty 4:10 Return to Bonneville
Big Stick Drag Racing 1:36 Hot from the Strip
Amy Borkowsky Motor Vehicles 0:37 Amy's Answering Machine Vol. 1: Messages from Mom
Big Stick Wildgirl 1:14 Hot from the Strip
The Dead Milkmen Bitchin' Camaro 2:59 Amazon logoDeath Rides a Pale Cow
Firesign Theatre Jack Poet Volkswagen ad #1 0:59 Firesign Theatre- Podcast
Big Stick You Better Not be Spendin' No Mone on No Race Cars 1:54 Hot from the Strip
Amy Borkowsky Hell's Angels 1:10 Amy's Answering Machine Vol. 1: Messages from Mom
Steve Wadhams Harley 5:53 Amazon logoSonic Circuits IV
Travelman 6:10 Hog - Sounds & music of the world's greatest bike
Firesign Theatre Army-Navy Classic 0:59 Firesign Theatre- Podcast
Hog Heaven (excerpt) 1:00 Hog - Sounds & music of the world's greatest bike
PRX logoHitchhikeHittin' the Road, Thumbs Out
Belgium All Happy Right Now 1:00 Amazon logoNachtfahrt
Jonathan Mitchell A Beginner's Guide to Hitchhiking 7:12 PRX Pieces
Red Sovine Phantom 309 3:27 Amazon logoPhantom 309
Belgium All Happy Right Now 1:00 Amazon logoNachtfahrt
Scott Carrier New Shoes 10:22 Hearing Voices
Lemon Jelly Ramblin' Man 7:09 Amazon logoLost Horizons
PRX logoJobsStories of Employees
Postal Workers- University Of Ghana Canceling Stamps 3:01 Amazon logoWorlds Of Music
Crossing The BLVD 800 Jobs 3:45 Amazon logoCrossing The BLVD
Meryn Cadell Job Application 1:24 Amazon logoAngel Food for Thought
Rebecca Flowers Office Yoga 2:10 Hearing Voices
The Books Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again 4:05 Thought For Food
Jeff Rice Golfball Diver 2:43 Hearing Voices
Radio Diaries PRX logoPasquale Spensieri, Grinder 6:13 Amazon logoNew York Works
Steve Fisk Government Figures 1:36 Amazon logoOver And Thru The Night
David Greenberger PRX logoFortunate Decision 1:00 PRX Pieces
John Handy Hard Work 1:30 Canival
July 2006: Artist Audio Album
PRX logoDogMan's Beast Friend
Scott Carrier Afghan dogs 1:46 Hearing Voices
Scott Carrier Blind Dog 4:22 Hearing Voices
Stephen Vitiello Dogs in the Yard 4:59 Sounds
David Greenberger and 3 Leg Torso Miss Dog Miss Me 1:15 Amazon logoWhispers, Grins, Bloodloss & Handshakes
Kevin Kling Dogs 3:49 Amazon logoStories Off The Shallow End
Barrett Golding John & Nippy 5:08 Hearing Voices
Lawrence Ferlinghetti / Dana Colley Dog 2:50 Amazon logoA Coney Island Of The Mind
Jay Allison PRX logoDog's Dreams 7:41 Animals and Other Stories
PRX logoAmericaAn All-American Festival of Fireworks-Fueled Patriotic Fury
Barrett Golding The Pledge 5:24 Hearing Voices
Guillermo Gomez-Pena PSA: Pledge 0:41 Border Radio
David Bryne/Brian Eno America is Waiting 3:38 Amazon logoMy Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Crossing the BLVD Names Amazon logoCrossing The BLVD
The Books Be Good To Them Always 4:51 Amazon logoLost and Safe
Firesign Theatre US Plus 0:41 Podcast: NPR "April Fools" ads
Barrett Golding Rainbow Family Hearing Voices
June 2006: Artist Audio Album
PRX logoDadFeatures about Fathers
William Shatner That's Me Trying 3:46 Has Been
Jay Allison PRX logoReflections of Fathers 4:51 Animals and Other Stories
Dave Alvin / Western Folklife Center PRX logoMan in the Bed 4:08 What's in a Song?
Matt Cook Old World Craftsmanship 2:13 Alibi 13
Sarah Vowell Shooting Dad 11:06 Amazon logoThis American Life: Lies, Sissies & Fiascoes
Loretta Lynn Little Red Shoes 3:34 Amazon logoVan Lear Rose
May 2006: Artist Audio Album
PRX logoGrandmaA Family Gathering of Materfamilias
U.S. Marines My Grandmother Was 71 1:22 Amazon logoRun To Cadence With The U.S. Marines, Vol.1
Jake Warga PRX logoEat Your Eggs 10:01 PRX Pieces
Annie Gallup Grace 4:08 Amazon logoPearl Street
Megan Hall PRX logoAdvice from a Grandmother 1:08 PRX Pieces
StoryCorps PRX logoIsabel Beaton 0:52 StoryCorps
Glenn Miller and his Orchestra Make Believe Ballroom Time 2:12 Complete Glenn Miller
Jeannette Armstrong Grandmothers 2:36 Amazon logoWord Up
StoryCorps PRX logoPeggy Edwards 1:16 StoryCorps
John Cage Part 4 1:00 Amazon logoIndeterminacy
BUT Grandma's House 1:56 ++
U.S. Women Marines My Grandmother 1:32 Amazon logoRun To Cadence With The U.S. Women Marines
PRX logoNewsIf It Bleeds, It Leads
The Professor Gnu News 1:19 WFMU- Audio Kitchen
The Android Sisters Electronic Sheep 3:03 Amazon logoGreatest Hits
Wammo A Real Gone Guy 3:26 Amazon logoFat-Headed Stranger
Jesse Boggs PRX logoWMD Waltz 0:56 News Lounge
Barrett Golding PRX logoPeople Don't Have Anything to Say 1:30 Hearing Voices
SPaZ Evening News 9:31 Amazon logoWord Up
Joe Frank News 1:16 Bad Faith
Evolution Control Committee Rocked By Rape 4:28 Amazon logoPlagiarhythm Nation V2.0
The Professor Gnu News 1:19 WFMU- Audio Kitchen
Lazyboy We Only Read The Headlines 3:41 Amazon logoTV
April 2006: Artist Audio Album
Birds PRX logoA Radio Aviary
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Capuchinbird 1:33 Amazon logoThe Diversity of Animal Sounds
Lemon Jelly Nice Weather for Ducks 5:53 Amazon logoLost Horizons
Evolution Control Committee Cry Baby Duck 1:03 gunderphonic
MC Honky Sonnet No.3 (Like A Duck) 4:24 Amazon logoI Am The Messiah
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bowerbird, Fruitcow, Loon 2:00 Amazon logoThe Diversity of Animal Sounds
Virginia Belmont Precious 2:01 Famous Talking and Singing Birds
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Ivory-Billed Woodpecker 0:48 Amazon logoThe Diversity of Animal Sounds
Long Haul Productions PRX logoThe Lord God Bird 12:05 Take Note
PRX logoJesusDJ JC
Skyward God 2:05
King Missile Jesus Was Way Cool 2:42 Amazon logoMystical Shit
Lecture on Nothing Truckloads of Bibles 2:01 Lecture on Nothing
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper Jesus At McDonalds 5:25 Amazon logoMojo Nixon and Skid Roper
John Adams Christian Zeal and Activity 10:11 Amazon logoThe Chairman Dances
Scott Carrier PRX logoNavoho Pentacostal 9:25
Big Stick Jesus Was Born on an Indian Reservation 2:31
March 2006: Artist Audio Album
PRX logoJazzSyncopated Semantics
Lenny Bruce Psychopathia Sexualis 0:10 PRX logoThe Best Of The Beat Generation
Shorty Petterstein A History Of Jazz 2:26 PRX logoThe Best Of The Beat Generation
Patricia Smith A Motherfu(ker Too 1:58 PRX logoThe Spoken Word Revolution
Hugh Brown Shu Miles Davis Owes Me Ten Bucks 2:27 PRX logoBomb the Womb
Cassandra Wilson PRX logoIn her own words 4:43 Musicians in their own words
Mr. Roberts #1 National Lampoon 3:33 PRX logoThat's Not Funny, That's Sick
Tom Russell Honky Jazz 4:14 PRX logoHotwalker
muMs On the Corner (Interlude) 1:30 PRX logoStrange Fruit
Moondog Bird's Lament 2:04 PRX logoSax Pax For A Sax
Mr. Scruff Get A Move On 7:51 Amazon logoKeep it Unreal
PRX logoArabU.S. Opinions of Arabs / Arab Opinions of Us
Scott Carrier Evening Player- Kabul 1:06 From Afghanistan
Joe Frank Palestinian Dreaming 12:39 Time's Arrow
Brian Eno & David Byrne, feat. Dunya Yusin Regiment 3:58 Amazon logoMy Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Barrett Golding Arab Students 8:33
Barrett Golding & Scott Carrier War On 2:35
Scott Carrier Street Sounds- Kabul 1:05 From Afghanistan
PRX logoWhaleMarine Mammals of the Order Cetacea
Lisa Walker Tenakee Feeding Call 1:17 Amazon logoGrooved Whale
Laurie Anderson One White Whale 1:49 Amazon logoLife on a String
National Lampoon Mel Brewer's Insomnia Time 3:33 Amazon logoNational Lampoon Radio Hour
Mr. Scruff Shanty Town 3:47 Amazon logoKeep it Unreal
Jay Allison Killer Whales 1:28 Animals & Other Stories
Barrett Golding Blackfish 3:57 Hearing Voices
Molly Menschel PRX logoJust Another Fish Story 8:27 Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
Mr. Scruff Ahoy There! 4:24 Amazon logoTrouser Jazz
Lisa Walker Winter Song Amazon logoGrooved Whale
PRX logoMentalDelusional Musings from the Psychiatrist's Couch
The Avalances Frontier Psychiatrist 4:49 Amazon logoSince I Left You
Scott Carrier The Test 15:34 Amazon logoThis American Life
Escape Mechanism Paranoid 3:12 Amazon logoCast of Thousands
Susane Stone Couch 1:50 --
Napoleon XIV They're Coming to Take Me Away 2:11 Napoleon Complex
Lard They're Coming to Take Me Away 8:29 Napoleon Complex
February 2006: Artist Audio Album
PRX logoNOLAA Radio Mardi Gras
Louis Armstrong Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans 3:00 Blues For YesterdayAmazon logo
Long Haul Productions / Jolie Holland PRX logoI Wanna Die 4:35
Eluard Burt New Orleans 5:51 --
Mahalia Jackson Recollections of New Orleans Music 4:20 I Sing Because I'm Happy
Andrei Codrescu / Larry Massett PRX logoPoetry Combine 8:01
The Legendary K.O. / Kanye West George Bush Doesnt Care About Black People 3:48 FWMJ
Louis Armstrong Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans? 3:46 Amazon logoThe Legendary Satchmo
PRX logoPrezPresident's Day
George Atkins & Hank Levine The Ask Not Waltz 2:03 Amazon logoHollywood Hi-Fi
A Thousand Points of Night Read My Lips 5:58 Amazon logo[CD-Single]
Air Force One See the Light, Feel the Heat 5:27 Sokolov
RX Imagine 3:02 the party party
Jesse Boggs PRX logoDubya's Word 2:14 News Lounge
U.S. Presidents Inaugural Address 10:08 --
PRX logoLoveValentine's Day
Baz Luhrman Love Is In The Air 4:31 Amazon logoSomething for Everyone
Indran Amirthanayagam So Beautiful 2:34 Amazon logoThe United States Of Poetry
Hal Cannon / Taki Telonidis PRX logoFinding Love in a Nevada Brothel 7:12 Western Folklife Center
Johhny Depp/Neil Young/William Blake Garden of Love 1:53 Amazon logoDead Man
Susan Stone PRX logoRuby 2:59 Time Is Now (compilation)
MC Honky A Good Day To Be You 3:39 Amazon logoI Am The Messiah
HH Oliver Hollerin' to See a Girl 0:46 Amazon logoHollerin' 1975
Tracie Morris Observations 0:59 Amazon logoWord Up
Barrett Golding PRX logoOld Together 2:36 Hearing Voices
People Like Us What's Love? 5:13 Love Is This
PRX logoTrainRidin' the rails
Chuck Jonkey Peruvian Highlands 0:35 World Trains
Jenny Asarnow PRX logoJulie the Amtrak God 2:16 --
David Isay PRX logoPullman Porter 3:51 Holding On
Clothesline Revival Calling All Trains 3:05 Amazon logoOf My Native Land
Ben Adair PRX logoHobo Confessions 8:15 Savvy Traveler
Chuck Jonkey Peruvian Highlands 1:55 World Trains
Steve Reich / Kronos Quartet 1 America - Before the War 9:00 Amazon logoDifferent Trains
Chuck Jonkey Peruvian Highlands 1:08 World Trains
January 2006: Artist Audio Album
PRX logoRaceMartin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Dmae Roberts / damali ayo PRX logoLiving Flag 8:10
Ruth Forman Stoplight Politics 1:42 Amazon logoThe United States Of Poetry
Joe Richman PRX logoJeff, Hafrican 13:01 Radio Diaries
Terin Mayer PRX logoA Prohibition 4:27 Periscope Radio
Sly & The Family Stone Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey Amazon logoStand!
PRX logoElvisElvis Presley Jan 8 1935 - Aug 16 1977
Tosca Ladies & Gentleman 0:21 Amazon logoOpera
The Residents The Baby King-1 1:15 Amazon logoThe King and Eye
Adam Allington PRX logoElviscop 5:35 SALT
The Residents The Baby King-2 1:21 Amazon logoThe King and Eye
Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight (Laughing) 2:53 Amazon logo[CD - Single]
Gillian Welch (WUNC David Schulman) PRX logoOn "Elvis Presley Blues" 2:45 Musicians in their own words
The Residents The Baby King-3 1:27 Amazon logoThe King and Eye
Tosca Chocolate Elvis 5:03 Amazon logoOpera
The Residents The Baby King-4 1:48 Amazon logoThe King and Eye
Kronos Quartet & Michael Daugherty Elvis Everywhere 3:41 Amazon logoReleased 1985-1995
The Residents The Baby King-5 1:07 Amazon logoThe King and Eye
Go Home Productions (Elvis & The Farm) Strung Out King 3.06 XFM Superchunk
PRX logoTimeNew Year's Chronological Contemplatons
The Professor New Year's Eve 2000 0:40 WFMU- Audio Kitchen
John B Lee Jimi Hendrix in the Company of Cows 1:50 Word Up
Joe Frank PRX logoGrains of Sand 2:25 Time's Arrow
De La Soul Transmitting Live From Mars 1:11 llegal Art
David Greenberger & 3 Leg Torso Ask Einstein 1:37 Amazon logoWhispers, Grins, Bloodloss & Handshakes
Negativland Time Zones 5:27 Amazon logoEscape from Noise
The Books Take Time 3:37 Amazon logoThe Lemon of Pink
Escape Mechanism Today 4:16 Amazon logoCast of Thousands
Joe Frank PRX logoOld 4:38 Time's Arrow
The Avalanches Tonight May Have To Last Me All My Life 2:20 Amazon logoSince I Left You
Vangelis Tears In Rain 0:25 Amazon logoBlade Runner
The Professor New Year's Day 2001 0:50 WFMU- Audio Kitchen
December 2005: Artist Audio Album
PRX logoCarolsSing-alongs, Santas, and Silent Nights
Unknown (7" Acetate) Christmas Gathering 1947 1:40 365 Days Project
Bing Crosby (John Beltran Remix) The First Noel 4:23 Holiday Chill - The Christmas Remixes
Jay Allison PRX logoDad And Sam 4:42 Life Stories
Corporal Blossom White Christmas 3:22 llegal Art
Elena M Bell-Ringer 0:59 Quite American: One-Minute Vacation
Christopher Guest Rod Serling Explains The First Christmas 1:02 Amazon logoNational Lampoon Radio Hour
Simon & Garfunkel 7 O'Clock News/Silent Night 5:06 Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and ThymeAmazon logo
Barrett Golding PRX logoChristmas Kids 4:25 Hearing Voices
Mahalia Jackson Silent Night (Kid Kooba Mix) 2:05 --
Unknown (7" Acetate) Christmas Gathering 1947 2:07 365 Days Project
PRX logoGambleBrushing Up Against Lady Luck
Phillip Kent Bimstein Casino Suite: EatDrinkGambleSex 3:06 Three Works for Winds
Scott Carrier PRX logoLas Vegas 7:00 Hearing Voices
Gavin Bryars No. 10 5:21 Amazon logoA Man In A Room, Gambling
Phillip Kent Bimstein Casino Suite: Paradise Lost 5:01 Three Works for Winds
Kelly Roberty PRX logoBass Keno 8:30 Hearing Voices
PRX logoDoorsJim Morrison's Birthday (Dec 8 1943 – Jul 3 1971)
Patti Smith (Intro to Poem) 0:10 Nova
The Doors Awake 0:35 American PrayerAmazon logo
The Doors Stoned Immaculate 1:33 American PrayerAmazon logo
Bruce McCulloch Doors 3:41 Shame-Based ManAmazon logo
John Oswald O'Hell 3:39 PlunderphonicsAmazon logo
Exene & Perry Farrell Children Of Night 3:02 Stoned Immaculate: The Music Of The DoorsAmazon logo
Firebirds Light My Fire 0:30 Warm Up
Mark Neumann & Barrett Golding PRX logoJim's Grave 13:10 Hearing Voices
William S. Burroughs Is Everybody In 2:43 Stoned Immaculate: The Music Of The DoorsAmazon logo
Go Home Productions Rapture Riders (Blondie vs The Doors) 5:37 AllenDean Project EP
November 2005 (No Longer Available): Artist Audio Album
Eat — Thanksgiving Radio Dinner
The Professor Weber Family Thanksgiving 1:05 WFMU- Audio Kitchen
Scott Carrier PRX logoTurkey Farm 6:10 --
Susan Stone Perils of Pinapple Boat 1:23 --
The Professor Weber Family Thanksgiving 0:50 WFMU- Audio Kitchen
Quiet American Meat Chopping Music 3:22 Rockets of the Mekong
Richard Loranger See the Boy Eat 0:58 We Magazine
Evolution Control Committee Lunch 2:01 Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0Amazon logo
Don "Moses" Lerman Competitive EaterPRX logo 1:04 Story Corps
The Professor Weber Family Thanksgiving 0:33 WFMU- Audio Kitchen
Clothesline Revival Shortnin' Bread 3:47 Long GoneAmazon logo
Kitchen Sisters TupperwarePRX logo 4:36 --

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